Why go for a basement conversion?

A basement is a great option to add space to your house.  When extending upwards or outwards is not possible, a basement conversion is perfect for an additional living space. Especially in London, where space is an extremely valuable asset, converting a basement can create that extra room that can really change your family life.

Technology and materials have evolved so that a basement is no longer a dark low-ceilinged space. Waterproofing and damp proofing basements are never an issue when you rely on the right professionals.
If well designed and properly built, a basement can be used for virtually any purpose in your house, including an open plan kitchen, for example.

In Golden Builds UK LTD we love building basements in London because somehow we always manage to surprise our clients with a better result than their expectations. With us they enjoy a relaxed and hassle-free life while the construction is in progress, thanks to our unique approach. We always have a structural engineer in charge, to ensure the maximum safety and security on site, including the temporary structural support that is required while building a basement.

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