Design and build company London

How design and build works

Golden Builds UK Ltd offer is unique compared to any other design and build company in London:

  • Design and planning application from the best architect studios in London at competitive prices
  • Integrated structural design optimized with the architectural drawings in progress
  • Early construction expertise input to ensure your budget is spent for the things that matter the most for you and your lifestyle
  • Budget optimization to get the best options for construction and finishes, with accurate and details¬†cost estimations.

What happens if you have your designs already

If you have architectural and structural designs ready, Golden Builds UK LTD offers a unique Build solution, to realise your plans through to completion. You will still get:

  • Professional project management and structural engineering expertise, dedicated to your project
  • Accurate and detailed cost estimation
  • Exclusive access to Italian finishes directly from manufacturers for all price ranges
  • Real time monitoring of progress and budget consumption through our digital platform

Flat B, 212 Haverstock Hill

London, NW3 2AE