How to gain space and value with a loft conversion in London

Adding a loft conversion to your property in London is a fantastic option to get more space. Having extra room for bedrooms and an extra bathroom, for example, can increase the market value of your property substantially.

As for all extensions of houses or flats in London, there will be different types of loft conversions, according to the area, the type of building, the neighbourhood and the council rules.

Why do a loft conversion in London with Golden Builds UK Ltd

With a loft conversion it is important to understand the technical constraints and transform them into opportunities to maximise your results.

When doing an attic conversion, for example, head height is one crucial factor to take into account in a loft conversion. Planning regulations have requirements for the minimum head height. In general, rooms with higher ceilings are more pleasant to live in and have a higher value on the property market. In Golden Builds we regularly use our technical expertise to target head height maximisation.

In some cases, the structural design of a loft conversion can be optimised for head height, installing floor joists that are flatter and placed at a closer distance from each other. This way you can achieve the same structural performance, with a benefit that is perceivable in the actual usage of the space.

In other cases we have designed an alternative timber structure, with no steel, to adapt to the characteristics of the existing building, reducing the cost and the duration of the works.

Other examples are optimised structural solutions that minimise the cost of party wall agreements. Our clients saved huge costs because we designed and implemented structural alterations that did not impact the party walls.

Even if a loft conversion can be a straight forward construction project, small adjustments can make a big difference in the quality and value of the final results.

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