Refurbishment Company London

Golden builds UK Ltd is the highest quality refurbishment company in London. We carry out renovation and refurbishment projects in all London areas, of both commercial and residential properties. Our portfolio is constantly growing, and includes flat renovations, house refurbishments, commercial property renovations and luxury property refurbishments in prime locations in London.

Our Refurbishment Services

Each refurbishment project is different, and in Golden Builds UK Ltd you will find the perfect fit for your refurbishment needs.

  • Are you refurbishing a flat or a house?
  • Are you going to live there or rent it out?
  • Do you want to upgrade it before selling?
  • Do you want to change the layout, add square footage, extend or convert?

We have the perfect solution for every option for your property refurbishment


If you are planning to refurbish your house, we will provide you with all the options to increase the value of your property and plan the works accordingly. What elements you should refurbish and what you should change or upgrade. We will also advise on how to plan everything, including all the paperwork with the council, the best time of the year to carry out the work, if and when to perform the works in more than one phase.